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SmartKidsID is the perfect solution to keep your kid safe on the go! We combine the QR Code technology with a 24/7 toll-free Help Hotline. Every first responder or helper with a Smartphone can access your kid's medical information as quickly as possible by scanning the code and everyone with a phone can call the toll free number to reconnect you with your kid!

  • Unique QR-Code engraved on every bracelet
  • Profiles are 100% FREE! No membership, storage or renewal fees!
  • Faster and more effective treatment in case of medical emergency
  • Unlimited editing of your kid's profile worldwide 365/24/7 (e.g. change contact phone number when on vacation or change to teachers number when going on field trip etc.)
  • Can be tightly secured with Velcro
  • Choose the information you would like on the profile (e.g. kid's first name, medical condition, allergies, emergency contacts)

Recommended Use:

Size Small: (8" length) adjustable 4"-5" wrists

Size Medium: (9" length) adjustable 4.5"-5.5" wrists

Size Large: (10.5" length) adjustable 5.5"-8" wrists

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