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RideSafer® 2 Delight Vest

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$169.00 / unit(s)
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Since being launched in 2004, the RideSafer® 2 Travel Vest vehicle child restraint provides the greatest flexibility in transportation safety for kids. Weighing less than 2 lbs and can fit easily into a backback, saving mom or dad's back. This safety harness optimizes the vehicles seat belt for correct fit and protection for kids. Install in less than 10 seconds and compatible with Uber cars, Lyft cars, Rental cars, Taxis, and Grandma's car. Also the perfect child restraint for the backseat of Porsche 911s, Ford Mustangs, Audi TTs, and the Ferarri GTC4Lusso. Never stress about traveling with your child's car seat again!

  • Fully adjustable height and waistband for correct fit
  • Use with shoulder seat belts or with lap-only belts (required tether provided for lap-only belts)
  • Adjustable headrest and strap between the legs to give a custom fit to your kid
  • Color description: Available in Black, Grey, or Yellow
  • Tested and certified for use in motor vehicles. Exceeds US Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 213 for Child Restraint Systems

Recommended Use;

Ages: 3+

Small Vest: 

Weight: 30-60 lbs

Height: 30-50 in

Large Vest:

Weight: 50-80 lbs

Height: 45-57 in

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1 - 1 of 7 results